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Childrens & YA Author

Paul Fredrics

Children and YA Author

Paul Fredics the author is a strange being indeed.

He is made up of two people, Paul Arnold and Fredric Alcock.

They have been a writing partnership (for both songs and novels) for many years and self published their first childrens novel Spacecoyotes and the Secret of the Blue Planet in 2008, promoting it extensively in libraries, on radio and in bookshops across the UK and USA.

They also continue to visit schools giving creative writing lessons, which gain rave reviews.


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Huntsville Alabama

Fredric Alcock

Born in Sheffield in 1941 and lived on the next street to his friend  Joe Cocker. Soon after leaving school he formed  “The Jetblacks” a rock band with which he went on to tour in Europe playing the Top Ten Club in Hamburg and many other famous German clubs during the Sixties. He spent several years touring with his band, appearing on the same bill as many of the stars of that time such as Billy Haley and The Comets, The Everley Brothers and The Who to name a few.

One night, while playing a club in Frankfurt, Manfred Mann and Chris Farlowe  walked in. Chris Farlowe was then riding high with his No 1 hit “Out Of Time”. Fred and Chris soon struck up a relationship which led to Fred and his fellow bandmember Steve Crane writing several album tracks and “B” sides for Chris  over the next few years.

Some years later at a songwriting workshop, Fred met another writer called Paul Arnold. The relationship clicked and has led to them writing many songs together, culminating in a Top 40 Hit for US artist Austin Cody.

It was whilst they were in Nashville recording some new songs that the idea for Spacecoyote was born.

Paul Arnold

Born in Sheffield in 1972 a mere stones throw (but thirty years) away from his future writing partner, Fredric. As a teenager he became quite obsessive about music and after a brief (and very noisy) flirtation with the drums, settled upon the guitar as his instrument of choice. The neighbours were eternally grateful!

Splitting his time between University and touring the UK with his rock band, Paul eventually came out of the other side with a Masters Degree in Pathology, a passion for writing and an intimate understanding of Britain’s ‘seedy dives’.

It was during a well earned rest from the late nights and loud guitars that Paul met Frederic at a songwriters workshop and quite unexpectedly struck up what was to become a long and extremely creative relationship.

Together they have written and recorded with several top writers and producers in Nashville, culminating in the very successful song, ‘You’re The Reason I Breathe’ for rising star, Austin Cody.

Now living a much more sedate life with his wife, three young daughters and two dogs (did you say sedate?), Paul can usually be found either slaving away over a hot laptop dreaming up ever more dastardly situations for the next book or scuba diving in exotic locations (usually a gravel pit in the Lake district).