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Never Stop Dreaming


Original Songs

by Alcock / Arnold & Friends

Okay, so we don’t just write books. This is where you’ll find a frequently- changing selection of songs we’ve written over the years, including some with friends. Some are the original demo versions recorded by us in Nashville, some are the commercial versions recorded by known artists in the USA, England, Germany and other European Countries. If you like any, let us know

What Have I Been Doing

Chris Farlowe (Alcock & Crane)

You’re The Reason I Breathe

Austin Cody (Alcock & Arnold)

These Colours Don’t Run

(Alcock Crane & Keane )

I Just Need Your Loving

Chris Farlowe (Alcock & Crane)

Stars and Striped Movies

David Frizzell (Alcock & Crane)

A Concept

Applejuice album, ten tracks written exclusively to accompany the SpaceCoyote Novels.  Recorded in Nashville USA.