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Book Synopsis

SpaceCoyotes and the Secret of the Blue Planet

When fourteen year old JoJo’s dreams of joining the elite SpaceCoyote Academy are ruined by a sinister plot against her, she is drawn into a dark secret kept hidden from her family for forty years.

Determined to uncover the truth and following the only clue she has, JoJo sets out with her reluctant younger brother, 2B on a perilous journey to the other side of the galaxy. Her destination, a planet so dangerous that no one on Anilar dare even speak its name.

So begins a spine tingling adventure that sees JoJo battle not only her own fears and prejudices, but an unknown and unseen enemy willing to do anything to stop her uncovering the secret of the Blue Planet.

Meanwhile on earth, in the heart of Apple Valley, teenager Jimmy Green has his own problems. His rock band, Applejuice, have just won through to the final of the town’s prestigious Battle of the Bands competition, and they have lost their singer.

As Jimmy’s dream of winning the competition is fast turning into a nightmare, he and the band are suddenly plunged into an extraordinary adventure when they discover a crashed UFO in the middle of the apple orchard and … its two surviving alien pilots! With both sides unsure who to trust, the story takes us through Jimmy and JoJo’s budding friendship as they quickly realise the only way they can both succeed is to join forces. Whilst Jimmy is astounded by JoJo’s amazing ‘alien’ talents (Vocalosis and Picture Walking), JoJo discovers that Jimmy and his band hold the key to not only getting her home, but finally unlocking the secret that brought her there in the first place.

As forces strive to stop them at every turn, music, magic and space are brought together in an explosive climax as Jimmy and JoJo’s two worlds collide and they find themselves fighting for their own survival.


Amazon Reviewer

A brilliant, exciting interstellar adventure!

This book would appeal to anyone from age 9 to 99 who likes a well written adventure with characters you can believe in.

Pam Palmer, Reader

With SpaceCoyotes you have achieved what many people can only dream of. You have written and published an exceptionally good book: The pace is fast, the style is animated the characters are alive and the story line is original.

Amazon Reviewer

`Space Coyotes and the Secret of the Blue Planet’ is a gripping story that will have you on the edge of your seat right up to the last line.

Book Synopsis

The Insiders’ guide to Anilar.

The Insiders Guide to Anilar is a must for any SpaceCoyotes fan. A sixty four page book which offers you a unique and exciting glimpse into the world of the SpaceCoyotes.

Inside you’ll find the loads of insights into all the characters of the book as well as brand new artwork and info that you won’t find anywhere else.

Stuff like…

  • The 2B diaries
  • The characters who never made it
  • The science behind the fiction
  • and loads, loads more.

Biography – JoJo


Flying a Star Seeker and generally annoying SaRa when she does. SaRa and JoJo have very much a love/hate relationship in that they both love to hate each other – albeit with a grudging respect for their abilities.

Pet Hates

Not being allowed to fly a Star Seeker exactly how it should be flown because a certain opinionated blue, hologram keeps telling her that she’s doing it wrong.


JoJo has far too much on her mind what with people trying to kill her to worry about boys. Is rumoured to have a soft spot for a certain Axel Marx, back on Anilar,although it will be a very brave boy indeed who gets too close to her.

Favourite Colour


Most number of orders disobeyed on a single mission

When flying to the Blue Planet, JoJo broke more rules than there are in the SpaceCoyote pilots manual.

Biography – 2B


Keeping a diary so that he has an accurate account of all the trouble JoJo gets him into, as no-one ever believes him.

Most exciting moment

The day JoJo played him music for the first time on her illegal Photon Radio Receiver.

Favourite food

Was a Humba Bar until Halfpint let me taste his Cheeseburger.

Favourite Colour



To go on an adventure with his sister that doesn’t put his life in danger. Failing that, he would simply like to graduate from Nexus Hall having passed at least one


Worst Exam Result

There has never been a good one.

Biography – Jimmy


It is the worst kept secret in Apple Valley that Jimmy is completely smitten with Cat. Don’t ask him though because he will almost certainly deny it. Did get a little confused over his feelings towards JoJo until he

discovered the family secret


Mother died in a car accident when Jimmy was only nine years old. His father ran off after her death leaving Jimmy to be raised by his grandparents. The whereabouts of his father are unknown.


Plays the guitar and is unofficial band leader. Also learnt the piano, but stopped when his mom died. Has never played since, we don’t know why.


A No.1 hit of course

Favourite colour


Birth Stone


Biography – Halfpint


Single. As far as we know, Halfpint has yet to have a girlfriend, although is believed to have a soft spot for Belinda Fraser, a girl in his maths class.


Guitar. Firmly believes that if you play anything else, then you can’t be a proper musician. Has a collection of over ten, although four of these are in pieces awaiting repair.

Birth Stone


Favourite colour

Orange. With hair like Halfpint’s, it’s a colour you’ve got to love.


The guy who super-glued the pages of Damien Dirt’s English homework together…

That was Halfpint. The guy who emptied a full seller of salt into Damien’s cheescake during home economics…That was Halfpint too.



SpaceCoyotes and the
Secret of the Blue Planet
The Insider's
Guide to Anilar
The Graphic Novel