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Okay, so here it is, the first blog…

By 26/09/2016News


Okay, so here it is, the first blog of … well, who knows how many. Five, ten, a hundred? It may be that I have such a horrendous first experience, that I decide my time would be better spent trying to remove my Adrenal glands with a stick, or I may find some perverse pleasure from it and carry on for years to come.

So why now, and how to begin?

The answer to the ‘why now’ question is because the Paul Fredrics website has undergone somewhat of a transformation and we thought it best to begin this blogging malarkey from the very beginning, which brings me to the second question: how to begin. Well, with a little bit about SpaceCoyotes of course.

So what’s it all about, this SpaceCoyotes?

‘SpaceCoyotes and the Secret of the Blue Planet’ is a swashbuckling adventure and a wholly accurate (?) account of events that took place not so very long ago. Only some of the names of people and places have been changed to protect those who still live there.

Envisiged in three parts, ‘The secret of the Blue Planet’ is where it all begins.

The idea that life may exist on other planets outside our solar system is often controversial, but one that everybody has an opinion on. Ours of course is obvious. If we didn’t believe, then there could be no SpaceCoyotes.

The original idea for the novel was born during a moment of inspiration in a broom cupboard – absolutely true – in Sheb Wooleys office in Nashville Tennessee where the Paul portion of Paul Fredrics happened to be sleeping at the time (all the other rooms were taken and hotels were expensive, but more of that later!).

All we can hope is that you enjoy reading it as much as we enjoyed writing it.

That’s what I wanted to share in this first blog. Not something about me – not vain enough, or about my views on the world – might get me arrested, but a simple message to everyone out there who may have spent years wishing they could lever some time out their busy lives to actually sit down and write the novel that has been nagging at their insides like a three foot tape worm.

We did it … so can you.